New Lawn Games

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Here are some links about the inspiration behind each specific new lawn game. If you're confused about how to play, or if you want information to guied your evaluation, you might want to check out these links.

A - Iqueque

B - Kite Wars

C - Corralling Family

D - Duel

E - Overland Route

F - My Dead Twin

G - You Once...

H - Hopfamily

I - Bast and Mouse

I - Pin the Family on the Cousin


New Lawn Games
B, C, F, H, and J
(inspired by legends)
New Lawn Games
A, I, E, D, and G
(inspired by lore)
Costs (in TOUGH points) Costs (in SMARTS points)

1st place family: 80

1st place family: 50

2nd place family: 60 2nd place family: 40
3rd place family: 45 3rd place family: 25
4th place family: 20 4th place family: 10
earn 75 loyalty points earn 65 loyalty points


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