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When was the last time you played? While lawns are excellent places to barbeque, garden, and picnic, they're even better places to play! If you're fit enough, you can get in some frisbee, flag football, or wiffleball. A weak back, recovering knee, or third trimester pregnancy are no reason to stop playing! You could try horseshoes or shuffleboard. Playing outside connects your spirit with the nature spirit. It brings joy. It demonstrates loyalty.

Earth needs more spirit and the afterlife needs some new recreation. Combining the wits and strength of Garcias, Souzas, Freemonts, Williams, and Ravelos, my extended family will unite to meet the 1000 spirit/loyalty unit requirement to help our precious Gaia. Their efforts will also help me finesse some games that I'd like to introduce up there as "cloud games for death" in my master plan to reduce future hauntings.

Death - like life - is about give-and-take. Similarly, families will give me a little smarts or toughs to learn how to play one of my new lawn games. And they'll get a lot in return: a wonderful afternoon of memories, bragging rights at the next family reunion, the chance to influence the games they'll be playing when they die, and of course LOTS OF LOYALTY (65 - 75 points worth).

There are details about how to use a new lawn game in lieu of a location challenge, but the basic process is:

  1. Discuss the decision with your family - keep in mind how many smarts / tough points you have available to dedicate to a new lawn game.
  2. Select an available new lawn game to perform.
  3. Select a location trial to forfeit.
  4. Send an e-mail to Aunt Anna (me!) letting me know your family's plan.
  5. I will send you the password to a webpage with the detailed information about performing and completing the new lawn game. That new lawn game will be unavailable to other families. (NB - your family can only work on ONE new lawn game at a time)
  6. Get some family members (distant cousins are ok!) together outside near where you live and play the new lawn game! Be sure to snap photos or short video. Be sure to display your family crest somewhere as well!
  7. Perform the completion steps laid out on the new lawn game's webpage (usually something like answering questions about the game or rewritingthe rules and submitting photos via email to Aunt Anna).
  8. Once the new lawn game is complete, its associated webpage will be available for everyone to see and your family will earn lots of loyalty points.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!

Love Always,
g/o Aunt Anna Ravelo


New Lawn Games
B, C, F, H, and J
(inspired by legends)
New Lawn Games
A, I, E, D, and G
(inspired by lore)
Costs (in TOUGH points) Costs (in SMARTS points)

1st place family: 80

1st place family: 50

2nd place family: 60 2nd place family: 40
3rd place family: 45 3rd place family: 25
4th place family: 20 4th place family: 10
earn 75 loyalty points earn 65 loyalty points


Contact Anna with Questions and Results!
anna dot ravelo at g mail dot com